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Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 4.46.18 PMLet’s just be honest. Google will eventually run the world, if it isn’t close to doing so already. Since we are all probably in agreement with this, then why aren’t you actively working on your Google+ profile and building your Google+ community?

Maybe you think that building your Facebook page is sufficient. Or getting 100k followers on Twitter is the key to building a successful platform. Think again. About 82% of people searching for information are using Google to find what they are looking for. If you are actively working your Google+ page and community, who do you think is going to pop up if you are presenting yourself and your information consistently on Google+? Let me answer that question if you haven’t already: YOU!

It’s really hard to discover new people or businesses on Facebook unless their page is promoted by an ad or suggested by a friend. Why pay to increase discoverability when you can get it for free on Google+? A quarter of my followers are from every corner of the world and they would have never found me on Facebook. We can chat, share, and video conference for free. You may be thinking, “What about the language barrier?” There isn’t one! When they post on my page, Google asks me if I want it translated. Why, of course I do!

If you have integrated Google+ Authorship on your blog or website a picture of you will come up you when people are searching for a topic you have written about. This increases trust and like ability on the subconscious level. If you are a business and using Google maps then customers will see you before they see your competitors. Google+ is linked to YouTube, so if you have videos uploaded regarding your book, business, or whatever you are trying to sell then you will have increased visibility with the Google+ and YouTube integration.

There are so many things that are beneficial about being on Google+. Don’t get overwhelmed with all of the social networks. Take the time to learn about each one and what the benefits are to using them. Trust me when I tell you that you must get on Google+ now. I promise you will thank me later when you have a large community and your platform has grown exponentially. Then maybe you can rule the world. Just like Google.



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