Making time for important people

I haven’t posted here for a LONG time. Sorry about that. Life is super busy in the Hovey camp. We’re trying to successfully launch one adult into the real world and raise up three other humans to be quality individuals as well. Our special needs toddler requires lots of attention and we’re okay with that because people are more important than things. Every single day I reflect as to whether or not the hours were well spent. For the most part, I feel that they are.

This last year has flown by! There are lots of exciting things happening, including I have a new book coming out June 2nd, titled, The 9-to-5 Escape Artist. No, it’s not about how to not work. It’s about how to work smarter, not harder. There are so many apps and programs out there that can help us manage our time and projects in a more efficient and streamlined way. Not so that we can make more and more money, but so that we can have more time to spend with our loved ones. That’s what life is all about: making time for those whom we deem important to us. Take a moment and reflect on how much time you’ve spend with your friends and family. If it’s inadequate, change something today.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming book and if you like it, send me an email!

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